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Our Dances

Bootstrap Created

  • Weavers - 8 person dance reflecting the sights and sounds of Tonedale mill 

  • Half Moon - 6 person dance named after the pub in Wellington which hosted the betrayal of the Monmouth rebellion

  • Chocolat - multiples of 4 person dance based on a tune from the film of the same name 


  • Upton on Severn stick dance

  • Worcester Hey

  • Vandals (Lichfield)

  • Ring O' Bells (Lichfield)

  • Peopleton

  • Cuckoos

  • Brimfield

From other sides

  • Tinners Rabbit ( Grimspound Border Morris)

  • Worcester Monkey (Wicket Brood) 

  • Porlock Hill ( Exmoor Border Morris)

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